DupDetector 3.201

DupDetector 3.201finds duplicate and near duplicate images
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DupDetector 3.201finds duplicate and near duplicate images comparing their image pixel data.
All you have to do is to specify the path and start the scan. You can set the match percentage required to consider the image a duplicate and preview all found duplicates side by side with an option to delete one of them.

You can choose the comparison method you wish to use (within primary datafile, between two datafiles or a single image against a datafile).

Then you can read a datafile or create a new one, by searching images in a folder and/or subfolders.

You´re ready to press the "Find Dups" tab, setting the match percentage and match method you wish to use: Color (euclidean, weighted euclidean or variance) or Luminance. You can always set a match restriction (size or ratio).

The program will then scan the images in search of duplicates. After that, you can press the "View Dups" tab.

Then you will see the repeated images side by side, and you can choose if you want to delete any of them.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a quick way to find duplicate images that are wasting space in your hard disk. It´s free


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